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Self-Understanding and Psychological Growth

Tarot is a divination system that taps into the archetypal realms that permeate your uncounscious. This tool has been used over the cenuries for self-discovery and personal growth. If I perform a reading by phone, you should be relaxed and free from any distractions that will intervene with your energy. All information my client's disclose or I interpret is confidential. When I provided readings; hidden influences of the past, present and future may be revealed. Remember, these interpretations are to awaken and guide you on the right pathway in your life. Uniquely, I also provide theraputic support in addition to readings.

For your convenience, I provide outcall sessions. This service will allow me to come to you. If interested in a session, please contact me to schedule an appointment. Depending on location, a mileage fee may be requested.



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