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Astrology is a long established method of exploring ourselves, relationships and place within the world. Through many centuries astronomers, philosophers and spiritual professors have studied and wrote about this science of the stars.

In astrology, the sun, moon and other planets are all aspects of the zodiac.  From an astrologist’s point of view, the planets travel through the zodiac in their orbits around the sun. Each astrological sign symbolizes specific characteristics. When a birth happens, the planets are in a particular place. This time and place is commonly known as your birthday.

Through astrology, we can gather the recorded time and place of a person’s birthday, and a cast a Natal Chart. A Natal Chart is a mathmatical representation of how the sky looked at the exact moment you were born.This Natal or Birth Chart can be described as the DNA of one’s personality and destiny in the universe. Each chart is uniquely it’s own.

We interact with the universe and our environment according to our character and environmental experiences.  Remember, your chart can represent you on a powerful level. However, major life transitions and experiences can also influence the nature of your characteristics.

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**Precise birth information is important for an accurate natal report. Please have the following information available when placing your order:

1. Exact date of birth(s)

2. Exact birthplace(s)

3. Exact time of birth(s) (e.g. 7:35p.m.)

Thank you.

Astrology Charts Offered

(Includes a complimentary wheel Chart)

Allow ‘A Beautiful Awakening’ to chart your planets and how their house position influences the inner and outer you.

Report includes:

  • Sun Sign: The most powerful planet. Governs your individuality and what others see.
  • Moon Sign: Your instinctive reactions and what you see.
  • Ascendant or Rising Sign: Your outward demeanor. How the world first sees your image.
  • All other planets: Other influences and placements in the universe.

Makes an excellent birthday gift!



Allow A Beautiful Awakening to Chart your Cosmo Forecast. Your Sun SIgn, Moon Sign, and the influences of all your planets will be evaluated. The information specified, will guide you on your journey.

(Includes a complimentary wheel Chart)

(Includes a complimentary wheel Chart for both individuals)

A compatibility report charts your signs in union with a friend, partner, family member or any other relationship. This chart will express areas of strengths and weaknesses. This chart will also include a compatibility score report.

(Includes a complimentary wheel Chart)

Understanding the pathway of your life's journey in this lifetime and your life’s purpose.

(Includes a complimentary wheel Chart)

Become familiar with your lucky number, it’s influences and more.

(Includes a complimentary wheel Chart)

Report Includes:

  • Cosmo Natal Chart
  • Compatibility Chart
  • Major Life Themes
  • Numerology Report

A Great Value!

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