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A Beautiful Awakening provides intuitive counseling and holistic services, which enable a person to self-heal. Intuitive counseling is the art of communicating information, by the integration of intuitive abilities and counseling skills.  As an Intuitive Counselor, I use these abilities to access information that may or may not be known by the conscious mind.  This will enable a client to become aware and resolve past situations that are blocking in their spiritual pathway. By this awareness, they can maintain a sense of understanding and direction for the future.

Working with me, will provide a unique opportunity to transform your life. This experience will awaken and empower you as an individual. You will gain the strength needed to manage and continue your life's pathway.

Clients that wish to partner with me through intuitive counseling, call for clarification or experience various life transitions and conditions such as:

Major Life Transitions Addiction
Depression/Hopelessness Grief and Loss
Anxiety/Mental Health Pregnancy/Parenting
Relationships Marriage/Divorce
Career and Work Financial Difficulties
Abuse/Trauma Spirituality

I provide non-judgmental simplicity for my clients. I respect you as an individual, no matter the circumstance or spiritual path you have chosen. I present insight, work with a free spirit and honesty, depending on my client’s questions or needs. I utilize my inner voice, spirit guides and the wisdom of tarot. Tarot offers symbolic guidance and illumination to divining your personal path. As a licensed Mental Health ProfessionaI, I have additional certification in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR II). I also make use of Reiki, a Japanese healing art. Other services I provide include astrology charts and energy cleansings.

To truly have a successful journey in life, there needs to be a healthy balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Intuitive counseling will aid both body and soul. Come awaken your spirit, and attain A Beautiful Awakening.

 A Beautiful Awakening and its practitioner(s) do not distribute medical advice as a form of treatment for physical or mental illnesses. By facilitating intuitive counseling or self-healing integration sessions, A Beautiful Awakening assumes no responsibility connected with results directly or indirectly. The intent of A Beautiful Awakening is to inform, assist self-healing and awaken your quest for a healthy well-being.
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